Monday, 12 December 2011

Fade MCX Commodity Today ...

Disaster in stock market, "mcx commodities' tips for today :

Monday morning, European Union Leader failed summit conference with the investors with reverence to the region debt crisis which impact in  continues falls of the prices of MCX Commodities gold, silver, international gold, and international crude oil as well.

All MCX commodities showing a negative graph, MCX Gold Opens at 29090.0 low to 28836.0 high to 28836.0 now trading at with -156.0 points change with 28947.0, MCX silver opens at 56817.0, highs to 56817.0, low to 56301.0 now trading at 56435.0 and whereas international crude oil opens at 108.73 high to 108.73, low to 108.14 now trading at 108.22. 

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