Thursday, 1 December 2011

All MCX commodities Prospects to Trade Positive

Hardly Petrol Prices Downs

After inflation barely, Petrol companies finally agreed to decrease their petrol prices and which applied it sine today. Today all MCX commodities show a positive trend. MCX Gold begins 29035.0 and pick up hike to 29140.0 and get down to 29304.0, finally it trading at 29116.0 And whereas the international gold didn't shows a too much changes but showing a positive response which opens at 1,752.0 hikes to 1,754.30 and down to 1,748.20 and training at 1,750.80.MCX silver showing the positive trends as well which open at 55900.0 hikes to 55900.0 and get down to 55066.0. Finally trading at 55600.0, meanwhile international gold were trading at 110.80 got a very minor change +0.28. Report at 11 a.m.

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