Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mcx Intraday Tips Strategies on Gold

Spot MCX gold eased, snapping a six day rally as fears about the health of Euro zone abated after parties backing the bailout won on Greek general election. Reduced concerns over the Greek’s exit from Euro zone have dented the MCX Gold’s safe haven appeal and investors turned to riskier assets. More Information about Mcx intraday tips visit my site mcx-today.blogspot.com

Alerts of reducing US economic restoration and Dollar area debt disaster driven rumours of financial incitement from central financial institutions around the world. However US CFTC data revealed that money professionals and buyers brought up their favorable bet on silver last week. Meanwhile Traders are careful in taking fresh MCX Gold roles ahead of US Government Open Market Panel launch of policy claims on Thursday. Physical demand for gold seem gradual from the major customers like Indian and Chinese suppliers.

As discussed earlier, upside moves were restricted near $1630 and turned lower. Bullish waves triggered from the middle line of Bollinger band were capped near the broad trend line obstacle of 1630-1632 levels. Looking ahead, If prices stay below 1632 then it may may diffuse the broad bullish outlook and could retract towards 1606/1582 followed by 1560 levels. However indicators are still seen less cooperative to create strong selling or a vertical rise, henceforth a choppy trading session is favoured inside 1632-1562 levels in the immediate run.

Mcx Intraday Strategies

Key levels for the day: Upside: Immediate 1630-1633 region followed by 1663/1673-1680. Strong: 1723.

Downside immediate: 1603 then 1583/1560. Strong 1525 short term 1480.

Sell near 1616 target 1596 SL above 1633. Sell on rallies to 1630 target 1613 SL 1643.

Sell on pullbacks to 1660 target 1638 SL above 1680. Sell below 1560 target 1543/1526 SL 1584.

Sell below 1525 target 1480/1445 SL 1543.

Buy above 1633 target 1663 SL below 1605. Buy on dip to 1583 target 1605 SL below 1570.

Buy on dips to 1573 target 1593 SL 1560. Buy on dips to 1531 target 1553 SL below 1519

Expect an initial pullback followed by a consolidation and drift prices lower.

MCX Gold Aug: Intraday Levels are: Resistance at 30300, Support: 29880

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